Bernice Grace Fit

Training from the inside out!

Meet Bernice

Health Coach + Registered Nutritionist + Self- Development Enthusiast.

I am an empowered woman desiring to empower other women to find their best self physically and mentally! My approach is training women from the inside out through mind, body, soul connection.

Training from the inside out means to train your mind to stay positive. No matter the set back or speed bump that comes your way, you can always move through it with a positive attitude.
Bernice Grace Tomasso
When it comes to fitness and nutrition I bring passion, positivity, and intensity to help others reach their goals. I have dedicated my life to doing what I love, helping others realize their true potential. I too, struggled with self-image insecurities and as an athlete to keep a positive attitude, but with a change in mindset and knowledge base I was able to push past those obstacles to create a well balanced lifestyle for myself. With a dedication to eat healthy, create tasty recipes, & exercise daily I was able to share my passions and help others by creating many different programs.

One program I am proud of is one I started in college for high school girls called: Strong Girl Nutrition and Wellness. I taught young woman for five years the tools they needed to live a healthy and active lifestyle. This was a rewarding experience and set the baseline for my business – to help all of you find your best and healthiest self. I started my online coaching business in 2014. Helping others lose weight or gain muscle, increase their performance in work or in their daily routine, maintaining a positive mindset – is what I love to do.

Everyone has it in them to find their best self, it just takes one person to create a program that works for them, and to support them. I believe in every single one of my clients, and if they fall or find an issue with their program – I find a solution to implement in their program. I create programs that are second to none for my clients, and find a solution to every “obstacle” you may be facing and get you to the next level!

Professional Experience

  • BS, Dietetics/Nutrition (Upper Division Honors College of Health Solutions) at Arizona State University (recieved in 2014)
  • Deans list 2010-2014 in the College of Health Solutions at Arizona State Univeristy
  • Arizona State University Nutrition Research Aid in the College of Health Solutions (2012-2014)
  • Sports Dietetics: Nutrition for Athletic Performance – Certificate Completion with the provider of Commission on Dietetic Registration: for 5 CPEUs (October 2016)
  • Over 6 years of experience of nutrition counseling and fitness programming (2010-Present)
  • Registered Dietetic Technician/Nutritionist (Present)
  • Lead Quest Nutrition Representative in Arizona (2013-Present)
  • CPR, AED, and First Aid Certified (present)
  • Nutrition Seminars/Cooking Events with other professionals in the field (present)
  • Co-Founder of ‘Strong Girl Wellness Seminars’ at Red Montanan High School for Females enrolled in Weight Training Courses (2010-2014)
  • Created marketing tools for other Registered Dietitians in Grocery departments (2012-2014)
  • Malnutrition Patient Simulation- Abbott Nutrition Health Institution (2013)
  • Future for Kids Mentor, and After COOL Fitness Coach for Kids (2010-2014)