Hi there beautiful! 

This blog post is for you all who struggle with what to eat, and think eating less will get you’re the booty you’ve been wanting, or the lean core you’ve been dying to see.

After coaching over 70 women this January there has been some type of pattern. What do you think that is? Not eating enough to reach their goals.

For one, they all want to look lean, grow some booty meat, and gain more muscle…but haven’t gotten there and don’t’ know what to do. After reading their daily intake, most of the females fall into calorie range of 700-1000 calories. I want to stress right now that YOU WILL NOT grow shapely cheeks with a low calorie diet like that. Pairing a healthy diet, exercise regimen designed for your goals, and keeping a healthy mindset … you’ll get there! So… why does eating less NOT help you reach your goals, grow a booty, and have a shapely look.

  1. You need to realize FOOD is FUEL. You must properly FUEL for your daily activities & exercise program. Feed your muscles.
    1. Protein will help you gain muscle, but you need carbs to uptake the protein into the muscles.
    2. You don’t need to be on some high carb diet, but you need to keep in mind nutrient timing – the times you eat around your day and workouts.
  1. Nutrient timing is crucial.This is what took me from 120# ‘looking skinny with no booty’ to 150# with a rocking “Slim Thic” bod and booty (my personal goal).
  • You should ALWAYS have carbs pre/post workout when you’re trying to gain muscle. ((30g pre and post is a great start))
  • EATING CARBS WILL NOT MAKE YOU BULKY unless you’re eating well over 250-400g every day (for most women). If you’re trying to have a lean look, shape your body – carbs are your bestie! AKA: GAINS baby!
  • Protein + Carbs post workout. My favorite combo is Chicken, White Rice, and Veggies. I choose white rice because it is higher on the glycemic index (meaning it will digest quickly, and uptake into the muscles faster). OR protein shake + a simple carb like flavored Quaker rice cakes (2-3 cakes).
  • If you’re doing just cardio- you DON’T eat carbs for steady state cardio. You will be burning through the carbs before you start to burn fats. However, if you’re lifting, you want to burn through the carbs because you want your muscles to utilize the carbs for fuel while lifting.
  • What if you’re doing a higher intensity workout like boxing or HIIT (high intensity interval training- like the track) for over an hour? Personally, I eat carbs but you can just have some protein. Have a protein shake, or make an egg omelet 45-60 minutes before.


  1. What happens when you’re on a low calorie diet, not seeing results, and can’t seem to change your body with adding healthier foods in. YOU NEED A MEATBLOSIM RESET.

What is a Metabolism reset? It is refeeding slowly or called ‘reverse dieting.’’

  1. You need to see what you’re eating now, and calculate and estimation of what you’re consuming. Then you can create a base of calories (carbs, protein, and fats) to follow for 2 weeks or so to get consistent. This will be a low number if you’re already really low.
  2. Be consistent with your meals and meal times.
  3. SLOWLY add calories and foods back in (sometimes adding 100 calories every week) just to ensure you don’t gain weight.
  4. If you don’t add things back in slowly you will gain weight.

As a registered nutritionist, I make sure that I find the base calories each of my clients are consuming, and slowly add foods back in. The process will seem long and you might not see results the first month or even two months. But then all of a sudden, your bodies metabolism is up to gear, and you’re feeling and looking better. I promise you, you will look and feel better in the long term! Believe it. My best advice is to TRUST THE PROCESS. What do you have to lose? Do you want to keep worrying about what you’re eating, and stressing about foods? Stressing about how much to eat? NO! Nobody wants that. You need a healthy relationship with foods.

Food is your friend.

Your best friend.

You want to shape your body?

Fuel up! Feed those muscles & Bootymeat!!