Meal Plan + Exercise Program

$189.00 / month

The Meal Plan and Exercise Program combo is the perfect program for you if you’re looking for a complete transformation. This approach of combining nutrition and exercise will help you reach your goals faster and the smart way! You will fill out the questionnaire, and then I will create an individualized program for you and your goals! It’s time to take care of you, and give it your all!


The monthly meal plan and exercise programing is the perfect program if you want a complete transformation. This program is a combination of nutrition, fitness, and positive-mindful health coaching.

Combining nutrition and an exercise program is crucial to reaching your goals, one is not more important than the other. What you’re putting into your body is just as important as exercising daily in the long term.

The nutrition coaching is a custom macronutrient program based off of individualized information you fill out in my questionnaire. The questionnaire will cover your past and current dieting and health history along with daily activity.

The exercise program is individualized and created based off of your goals and current level of activity.

This program will change every 3-4 weeks based on check-ins and progress.

Once I receive your questionnaire, I will put together the perfect macronutrient plan and exercise program to help you reach your goals. I will be available for unlimited e-mail support while we work together. Each week you will send me weekly pictures, and answer a few questions to see how your week went. I will make changes when needed to make sure you’re making progress and reaching your goals!


 What’s Included?

Exercise Program

  • Individualized exercise program
  • Adjusted every 4 weeks
  • Pictures of exercise + description of sets x reps to perform
  • Recommended weight to use

Individualized Meal Plan

  • Macronutrients Provided
  • What foods to eat in each meal, and when to eat them based on your schedule and workout time
  • Over 40 Recipes
  • Supplement Recommendations
  • Grocery List
  • Macro App Education – how to count your macronutrients and exchange them for other food sources
  • MyFitness Pal or MyMacro + App to keep track

Weekly check ins- adjustments will be made based on progress

Unlimited email support


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